Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 19, 2013: Multiple Locations...

On Sunday my friend and I got up early and went on a little photo adventure starting at 7am. Our schedules haven't been having days off together so we went before I had to work. It was raining but we decided to go anyways.

A lot of my photos are darker, and that's because it was cloudy and rainy and the ones at the beginning especially we were trying not to get our lenses wet lol I brought small plastic garbage bags to put our lenses in and cameras and just had a hole at the end to stick the lens out!

This first image is of the 1st lake...

This one was the cliffs near by the 2nd lake...

And this is a 3rd lake we went to, but I didn't see much there...

We started our adventure at a nearby lake, there were 10 little goslings, possibly from 1 or 2 pairs of Canada Geese... as 4 adults were with them.

We came back to this lake at the end of our trip and saw the goslings again!

There were also goslings at this lake, I have not seen goslings since 2009 and so I was thrilled! lol 6 little babies.

The next lake we went to was about 20 minutes away and there were 21 babies (I think) with 6 adults, so possibly 3 pairs.

More Geese at the lakes...

More Ducks at the lakes...

Mallards (male is colorful, female is duller)

Canvasbacks (Both males)

Blue-winged Teal Pair

More birds, a lot of these were taken  from in the car as it was raining... we saw so many western meadowlarks, red-winged black birds, yellow-headed black birds, grackles, robins and tree swallows. 5 Hawks, 3 Pheasants (2 males, 1 female), 2 northern flicker woodpeckers, 1 muskrat, 8 deer in a field and a lot of other really cool birds!

Red-winged Blackbirds (Males are Black)

Yellow-headed Blackbirds 
Boy they have a WEIRD song... sounds like they are dying. At the bottom of this page you can hear it.

Brown-headed Cowbirds male has brown head)

Western Meadowlarks

Northern Flicker Woodpeckers

Wilson's Snipe




Mourning Dove

Tree Swallows


Assorted Birds that I will name later after I properly identify them!

Sparrow of some sort ? (Maybe Brewer's or Vesper)

Other animals we saw...

We also saw a Muskrat

8 Deer



  1. Zowie! What a great day and wonderful shots! Love the geese, Pam. Big family :D
    I'll have to send you a picture of the bird that flew into my window. Not sure what he was.
    Love the snipe, so cute.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful tour you had! Love all the baby geese and ducks. I listened to the call of the yellow headed black bird - lol - the dogs went crazy! Beautiful photos as always!

  3. Thank you Lee & Kathy,

    It was such a fun day! lol it has such a weird call!

  4. Pam, for a rainy day, you got some really good photos! I love seeing all the babies! I think they are so cute when they follow their parents in the water ;o)