Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25th: A local wildlife park...

Today was a beautiful day. 20 Celsius / 68 Fahrenheit. A friend and I went out and about.  It is so green now, hard to spot birds in the trees, but we saw a few things!

We started out in the wildlife park. It is so green compared to last time I was there. It was so beautiful!

There were tons of small dragonflies there!

Then we went up to the top of the park which has a nice view of the river! 

American White Pelicans
(Saw 4 flying together, and then 2 together, and then 2 others but those 2 might have been the same as the earlier 2 lol)

Great Blue Herons
(I saw 2 only got pictures of this 1)

Not sure what these are yet!

A few random things we saw...

Then we went a little further down the river where this small pond is!

Red-winged black bird


Not sure what this is yet!


  1. What a beautiful day Pam!!! Love your photos!! One of these days, you should make a photo book! You could have different collections of your birds, insects, flowers. You should think about that!! And, you could sign them! ;o)

  2. I thought of you the other day! I saw a Grackle in my client's backyard :) Keep taking those fabulous photos... especially the first dragonfly one... stunning!

  3. Thank you Stacy, hmmm never really thought about a photo book, good idea!

    Jen, I love Grackles, thank you!