Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My trip to Vancouver, British Columbia... Days 3 & 4...

We took a mini vacation to Vancouver, BC last week. Part 1 of the trip. can be seen here.

DAY 3 - Wednesday, March 12th, 2014.

On our 3rd day my mom stayed in the hotel and rested, she was just too tired. So I took off at 10am in a cab and went to the Bloedel Floral Conservatory. 

I saw all the birds below, plus... a Silver Pheasant, a Lady Amherst Pheasant, an Eastern Rosella, and a Female Electus. The pictures just didn't turn out very good, as they were not in good lighting.

Green Winged Macaws

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Moluccan Cockatoo
This bird was quite the talker, saying pretty bird, hello and goodbye, over and over and over lol So cute.

Amazon Parrot

Lineolated Parakeets

Canary I think

Male Eclectus Parrot

Red Winged Laughing Thrush
This bird picked up this receipt and carried it all over, was pretty funny.

Blue and Gold Macaw

Gouldian Finches, 2 different variations

Gouldian Finch (a 3rd variation), Star Finch, Green Singing Finch and possibly a Gray Singing Finch

Canary I think

The view from the Bloedel Floral Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. It was amazing.

Love this statue.

Not sure where I took this one lol but somewhere in between Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park.

After I took a cab to Stanley Park near the totem poles and walked to the Brockton Point Lighthouse.

The view from Stanley Park.

3 pictures merged into 1 panorama.

The view from Brockton Point.

This was on a map somewhere else. Very interesting.


At the end of the day we watched a new Criminal Minds and a new CSI.

And now for the Wildlife... from DAY 2 & DAY 3. 
(Just easier to put everything together)

Bald Eagles
This pair was outside the Bloedel Floral Conservatory up high in a tree (glad I brought my biggest lens lol)

More Bald Eagles or hawks, we saw a lot that looked like Bald Eagles.

Double-crested Cormorants I think. Saw 3 or 4.

I saw a lot of them, and because my friend Stacy loves them I am always drawn to them. They are quite beautiful birds.

lol at first glance I thought these were Bald Eagles and was just about freaking out.

I have a thing for Seagulls, not sure why but I love them.

Canada Geese

Unknown Ducks
(Will identify later)

Great Blue Heron Rookery with birds and nests. My tour driver said this is the largest Great Blue Heron Rookery in Canada, with over 200 birds. The Great Blue Heron is one of my all time favorite birds and so I thought this was pretty cool to see. We have a smaller rookery in my city, but this is cool.

Female House Sparrow I think

And this little girl was being walked. I couldn't resist asking to take a picture, she was so adorable.

DAY 4 - Thursday, March 13th, 2014.

We headed to the airport early in the morning, and arrived home in Alberta at 3:15pm Alberta time. We had a bit of turbulence on the way home, thankfully it didn't last too long.

I also took some videos and will share later if I can edit them properly. It was so beautiful flying over the mountains.


  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful trip - I feel like I was right there! Thank you!

  2. Pam such wonderful pictures. You know I love crows also, they are really very smart birds. My son has rescued two of them that grew quite tame. Love all birds though. The mountains were also gorgeous.

  3. So many great photos and memories! This was a wonderful vacation - I really enjoyed it :D
    Lots of excellent bird shots - does Jessie get jealous? I haven't seen herons in trees since the swamp in Florida. Here I see them standing in water...they must nest someplace, I wonder where?

  4. gosh I would live there in a second if I could! Been to Stanley park, I got a drawing of me and my sister done while we were there.
    The pics of the birds are fantastic! yes those are canaries, I have one myself :-)
    I would love to visit that place and see all those exotic birds...
    you took some great shots Pam!

  5. Pam, where to start? WOW!! Gorgeous! Thank you for my crows ;o) My mom and I were in this area back in 2003 and really loved it! Thank you for my crows ;o) I really love the bird with the receipt! Too funny! I hope your mom is ok ;o) Hugs ;o)

  6. Marlene - Thank you! I love crows more and more. Must have been cool to tame them! I love the mountains, was so much fun seeing them up close while flying over. Hope to visit the mountains one day!

    Lee - Thank you! It was so much fun! Nope, lol he doesn't get jealous! There are probably nests somewhere, we have one hear across the river, same place that our bald eagles nest! Not sure how many herons we have here, I have only seen them flying or on nests. Once in the water at 10pm at night so dark I could hardly see them, and of course I only had my smallest camera.

    Betty - Thank you! If the weather was like that all the time I would live there too. Glad you got to visit. But I can't handle mostly rain lol Seeing all the parrots was so much fun, although they didn't have any conures. lol

    Stacy - Thank you! Glad you got to visit the area too! Your welcome, glad you like your crows :) Yes my mom is ok, all rested now.