Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My trip to Vancouver, British Columbia... Days 1 & 2...

I have not done a lot of traveling, just a few short places near where I have lived. I had never been anywhere really and want to travel a bit. I have always thought BC would be a beautiful place, so my mom and I decided to go on a short trip.
The forecast was pretty close to what it was. It rained during Monday over night, the rest of the time it was 10 Celsius / 50 Fahrenheit to 12 Celsius / 53 Fahrenheit, and gorgeous. We expected it to rain quite a bit when we were there so it was a happy surprise!

I bought some tickets for the Vancouver Trolley Company tickets, and so saved a lot of cab money by traveling that way. But twice we got on the wrong tour bus LOL The Big Bus hop-on hop-off tour drivers gave us rides as they do the same tour., and met up with our trolley at better locations. Both companies had extremely friendly and knowledgeable drivers. Loved hearing all the tidbits about the city.

DAY 1 - Monday, March 10th, 2014.

Traveling to Vancouver, we left early in the morning and arrived in Vancouver, BC at 1:25pm local time.  We took 2 different planes to get there. The one below and a much bigger plane. Both flights lasted about a hour! This is the smallest plane I have ever been on lol 20 seats including the pilot. 

At the hotel, later we watched the movie Escape Plan (It was really good), a new episode of Bones, then an old episode of CSI: Miami, and a new episode of Intelligence.

DAY 2 - Tuesday, March 11th, 2014.

We left at around 11am and took the trolley to the Vancouver aquarium, where we saw about 15 minutes of the dolphin show featuring Pacific white-sided dolphins, it was too crowded by the time we got there so couldn't see much. Then we saw a few minutes of a sea otters show, then beluga whales, African penguins, and a few smaller fish and jellyfish.

Later in the afternoon around 4pm I went to the Vancouver Lookout by myself... my mom has a hard time getting around and was exhausted. What a beautiful view.

After that I walked around near the waterfront for a bit.

That night we watched an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, and then we watched the movie Prisoners (It was really good also)

Part 2 of the trip. can be seen here.


  1. Great photos! There's a lot to see there, for sure!

  2. What a fun trip for you, beautiful city.

  3. Great photos - Thanks for sharing your trip! I love aquariums. When I travel, I like to visit new ones and see if they have jellyfish, anemones and skates and how they are displayed. Such a fun filled trip!

  4. awesome and mom sure were busy and got to see quite alot.
    So glad the weather cooperated as well.
    Looking forward to seeing Part 2

  5. What a great trip Pam!! Love the photos! I didn't realize you had already left? LOL!

  6. Lee - Thank you! I love zoos, and anything with wildlife / animals. I think it would be fun to do some traveling to different zoos also.

    Joanne - Thank you! Yes we had so much fun! I expected a lot of rain so it was a happy surprise!

    Stacy - Thank you! LOL I use my iPhone for emailing when traveling so I can see why you didn't know!