Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th, 2014... A local lake...

I decided to go back to the same lake as last week, to see the owlets and to see if there were any goslings yet, and there are... they are so cute.

Muskrat I think, or beaver

Canada Geese... there was 1 family with 5 goslings, and 4 other pairs on nests. Plus a lot of single birds, or pairs that I didn't see in or on a nest.

Swimming lesson's how cute! Mom and dad jumped in and flapped around and dove a bit and the babies did too! I got a bit of video of it too but the babies were pretty much done their diving by the time I got it focused... one day soon I hope to edit all my videos lol

Awe... so cute!

Male Mallard Duck

Canvasback Duck - Male

Canvasback Duck - Female

I have been going to this pond for maybe 10 years, and the last 2 years or so I am seeing a lot more Canvasbacks... used to be only Mallards. Good sign, nice to see a variety.

Mix of Mallard & Canvasback Ducks. Wonder if there will be ducklings soon?

Northern Flicker Woodpecker
There were 2 but they kept flying away, only got this one shot.


Great Horned Owl Family
I saw them on Easter Sunday and I could see the 3 owlets a lot better, today they were barely visible. 

Look close, nest is top left and mom I think, is bottom right keeping watch!


  1. Amazing photos, Pam! Love the babies and the adult geese look so majestic. Great little birds, too! Well done!

  2. Great photos Pam! I so enjoy them all! The babies are so cute ;o)

  3. Beautiful shots Pam! I love seeing all the little ones and you really got some super photos of them. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  4. Great pics, expecially the baby geese.