Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 30th, 2014... trip to a local lake...

Yesterday was another gorgeous spring day. It was +20 Celsius ⁄ 68 Fahrenheit. I should have checked the weather before I left my house, because out of habit I grabbed my sweater and winter coat... lol I was cooking.

Anyways, I loved seeing the goslings, I am trying to get out with my camera as much as I can as soon it will be wasp season and I stay indoors most of the summer & fall. I could just barely see the mama owl this time, I was too hot so didn't stick around long.

Canada Goose Family

Birds on Nests

Mallard Duck pair
I saw several males with blue heads, usually they are more green.


Male Downy Woodpecker

Great Horned Owl
You can hardly see the mama, and I couldn't see the babies at all!


  1. Gorgeous Pam!! Can you send some sun my way? We keep getting rain and more rain! Take Care and keep taking great pictures ;o)

  2. Thank you Stacy!

    LOL I will try hard! Hope you get some nice weather soon!