Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fun at the fair... and fireworks!

A few weeks ago I went with a friend and her boyfriend to a local fair, I love fairs for photography mostly but I went on 2 rides also. I usually only go on the Ferris wheel at this one, nothing else really interests me and not brave enough for the other scary rides lol Anyways that night I went on 2 that I never thought I'd ever find myself on.


Vertigo (giant swings)... see a video of what the ride does here.

 I had to close my eyes most of it, I am not scared of heights but that was higher than I'd like to be. I opened them 3 times and shut them again so fast lol I like the cool effect on some!

These are the pictures I snapped when we were up in the air.

1001 Naughts... see a video of what the ride does here.

These pictures were of other people, your not allowed to take anything on the ride. Thankfully my friends boyfriend held our stuff lol

I was able to keep my eyes open for 2/3 of it... lol It wasn't quite as scary as the giant swings. lol I started with oh my God, oh my God, oh my God and about half way through I started screaming lol

Love this shot...  


And someone had parked this in the parking lot near the gate... lol cute!


We watched them while we were in the line up for 1001 Naughts, the lineup was super long and we got to see the full fireworks while waiting. They quit right before we got on.


I love the effect blurring photos on purpose, these are just some I took!

This one was captured when a ride was going, must be the insides of a ride!


  1. The rides look fun and I love, love, love the firework pictures, great job Pam.

  2. Oh my! Don't think I'd go on those rides :D Your pictures are so good, I can smell the fair food! Wonderful shots, the carousel horses are great! What fun to have the fireworks and out of focus shots! Good job - I can say I was there!

  3. Thank you Lee,

    lol I had fun!

    I love out of focus shots, every time there are lights and pretty colors I am always experimenting lol I find them really interesting!

  4. Cool photos Pam! I love them! You are so artistic with your photos! They rock!
    Just like to say, you are braver than me! LOL! I think i would have had an accident in my pants! LOL!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  5. Thanks for sharing the videos too ;o) Hugs ;o)

  6. Thank you Stacy! lol I don't know if I would ever go on them again, but glad I did something scary for once lol