Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to the greenhouses & butterfly garden...

Today my friend and I went out and about, first we went to a greenhouse and butterfly garden, then a 2nd greenhouse and then over to a rock quarry to get rocks for my new rock garden, then after we unloaded 1/23 of the rocks and were sweating to death from the heat lol (more about that in the next post). It was 29 C / 84 too hot for doing this lol


Wow what a difference from when we went in May, not nearly as many flowers and plants, but still beautiful and a lot of fun!

These birds are rescues and live in the greenhouse. 

This moth or butterfly was flying through the greenhouse, think it came from outside, nothing like this in the butterfly house. It is beautiful and landed on the perfect plant for me lol

 This butterfly landed on my friends head LOL

This is a Button Quail family. They have 4 babies two days old, they are the size of a quarter. The first picture is the Daddy with 1 baby, they were off adventuring. The other photos are of mom and the babies. There were also lots of single birds roaming about.

Petting Zoo

These 2 pictures were taken May 21st, this is to show you how little these 2 Dorking chicks were.

Now look at how big they are, so neat to see them older. Beautiful birds.

This is an outdoor sanctuary... beautiful!

This was at the rock quarry... not sure what kind of bird this is! 


  1. Lots of great pictures, can see them on a calendar. That cockatiel reminded me of my Perkins, I miss that bird.

  2. So many gorgeous shots! That is really a full day ;) Oh and yes, my favorite is the turtle - didn't expect to see that little guy with the butterflies and birds :D
    I've never seen a pansy totally yellow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you Lee,

    I am not sure how many turtles are in that pond now, the first time I went to it there were at least 3 of them... before that they were in this tiny pond. They must be much happier.

    Oh yes, there are beautiful all yellow pansies!