Saturday, August 9, 2014

My new rock garden...

I have been wanting to do a rock garden for a few years now, because I can't garden with my allergy to wasps and my mother can't handle it anymore. So in Late July I started planning it. It was a ton of fun, but worth it in then end!

Thank you to my friend C and her husband T, they helped A LOT. lol

My weed garden produced beautiful dandelions but it looked horrible. So I really wanted to fix that. These are just some of the beautiful weeds my garden started producing at the beginning of July lol.


July 29th

Thank you to my neighbors M & B, for pulling all of the weeds for us, they did an awesome job!

July 30th - 33 C / 91 F

My friend C and I went on a rock garden shopping spree, we bought 8 bags of rock and some other decorative rock. Then we put down the liner, and started putting the rock down. We were both sweating to death... why did I pick the hottest days to do this ? lmao This was a seriously hot couple weeks.

August 6th - 29 C / 84

Today my friend and I went out and about, first we went to a greenhouse and butterfly garden, then a 2nd greenhouse and then over to a rock quarry to get rocks for my new rock garden, then after we unloaded 1/23 of the rocks and were sweating to death from the heat lol . 

You can check out my pictures from the greenhouse and butterfly garden here.

We got a truck full of small rocks and quite a few big rocks for $32, we had already bought $100 at Home Depot lol... but we never even thought of a rock quarry. We could only use 1/2 the truck load, my friends took the rest home to use around their home.


20 C / 68 F

At 8am I started emptying the big rocks out of the left side and off of the top of the right side... then at 8:15am or so my friend Carol and her husband arrived. Her husband did most of the shoveling and I helped. Carol put down the liner on the left side and took out the smaller rocks.

I may add some decorations to it later, but it looks way better!


  1. a great improvement and wonderful "group" effort! Looks great! Good Job! to everybody that joined in to help ;)

  2. Amazing Pam!! I love rocks!! I am a rock person! I would have rocks everywhere! LOL! Great job! You and your friends did excellent! I think I would have died from the heat! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  3. Thank you Debbi, Kathy and Stacy!

    lol Stacy, I love rocks also... I wish I had thought to do this in the spring lol

  4. That would have been a good idea! LOL!