Friday, May 29, 2009

Canadian Geese & Goslings...

Ok so I am a few days late posting these pictures as I have been having computer problems, but here you go...

On Tuesday, May 26th 2009 I went to a lake that I have been wanting to visit, near our college. We saw 17 adults and 11 babies. Two families, 1 pair had 6 babies, the other pair had 5. We also saw lots of Red Winged Black Birds (which I keep calling black winged red birds, mom gives me a look every time I do, lol)

This is an image I created using a Photo Stitch program, not the best but gives you an idea what the college lakes look like, there is 1 larger lake, the width is thinner, and then it is longer but not quite as long as the picture makes it look. lol Then behind it is a smaller lake with a fountain, which the pair with 6 babies was swimming in it at first and we almost didn't see them, then they came in to the big lake and all the geese, all 17 + 11 babies were swimming at the same time. Oh and their was 1 duck, only 1!


  1. These photos are GREAT! I love the babies - so cute =) I am with you about the geese, though - LOL! I had two geese and they are very good 'watch dogs' hahaha!

    I love the redwing blackbird =) We have those out here occasionally - when there is lots of rain. In Phoenix we used to get irrigation for the yards and they would always come and stay as long as there was water - very fun!

  2. Great photos, Pam....I like the one where the goose is mid flight. Fabulous.

  3. I love this time of year when the Canada geese have babies! You reminded me that I need to go to the nearest river and watch for them. I was out snapping photos of flowers yesterday too, added a couple to my blog. Now that the weather is finally improving I will be out with my camera more.
    I can just picture you being threatened by a goose, lol! They are bigger in person, and they hiss with their tongues out, lol!

  4. Great Photo's Pam, The baby geese are so cute. We have Canadian geese at our place at the beach and they are fun to watch. My sons hen has two week old chicks, I love to watch the babies.

  5. Kathy - Thank you. The red winged black birds are one of my favorite birds, I just love to watch them.

    Carole - Thank you, yes they are fun to watch them fly.

    Betty - Yes the babies are so cute, you gotta go watch them. Oooh I will have to check out your blog (and everyone elses, I am behind in reading them).

    Marlene - Wow I never think of geese at beaches, I guess they go where ever water is. Wow 2 weeks, so cute I bet!