Monday, May 25, 2009

My exciting day!

Well yesterday was a gorgeous day outside and so my mom and I decided to go down to a bridge... and what an exciting day it was, so glad I had my camera.

We took the bus to the library and we saw a few small birds, two of which looked to be fighting or maybe mating. Then we walked over to a bridge, and on the left hand side there were no Canadian Geese or ducks in the water and then 2 flew by. Then a man walked by and saw my camera and told me to look at the end of the bridge as there are fish there. Well they were HUGE fish in the water near the rocks! Then we didn't see any birds in the forest area at the end so we crossed the road, then no birds until we were about to cross the bridge again on the right hand side. We stopped to look around and I just happened to look down, and what did I see ? A baby bird in a tree hole nest, we think it is a woodpecker, I am still trying to confirm that.

Then we went to my grand parents where I scanned images on to cd's for a few hours and before we came home we walked over to a near by park. On the way I just happened to look up and what did we see ? We saw a bird flying over head and we are pretty sure it was a Great Blue Heron. We saw it on the way home as well.

Then on the way home in a cab (we were pooped) I saw a bunny rabbit, but not in time to get a picture.

All in all it was a fun day. I loved seeing all the wildlife. But it was too far away to get any great pictures!


  1. What fun, Pam. That is so neat. Great shots too. Are you still going to do your challenge starting Monday? If so, do we have to send you the photos or do we mention your challenge on our blogs and post on our own blogs?

  2. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing your day and wonderful photos!

  3. What fun photos! I love the baby bird in the tree =)