Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My new art room and new supplies...

This year I am really trying hard to organize my house, I've been trying for years but it always gets cluttered again. This year I am trying to not clutter it up again. I am off to a great start. My basement looks awesome!

My 2nd room that I worked on was a new art & craft area. I had all my stuff upstairs in my bedroom and I just moved it all downstairs. I had a room that had basically become a junk room, odds and ends everywhere, items to be given away, etc... just a mess. This large desk was being used to hold photo albums on top. I spent 2 hours cleaning it up and organizing like crazy. I still have 1/3 of the room to give to a thrift store. Will take a trip with it soon after I finish organizing and de-cluttering my bedroom upstairs.

You can see more of my new art room here!

Also I recently received $100 for helping someone and my friends had been telling me about the Gelli Plate, so I ordered one and bought some supplies at Michaels and the dollar store. I can't wait to receive it! These are the supplies I bought with it, and I forgot to include acrylic paints - 12 of the larger bottles in the picture. All the foam brushes and paints are from the dollar store everything else is from Michaels, the paper was buy one get one free and the journal and pallet were both on sale.

Also I bought a large mat to protect the desk and used a 40% off coupon on it! Oh and I also bought a small garbage bin at Wal-Mart! And 1 other mystery item on Etsy! lol

I still have a lot to do in this room, a large portion of this mess is going to the thrift store. And the Giraffe trunk I am putting all my childhood memories, artwork, etc in. I bought a file frame and files to make it be similar to a trunk I saw on Pinterest... see it here if your curious!


  1. Wow, Pam! I'm so glad you posted this :) I LOVE your art room! It looks so neat... right now! And I have that stencil with the various circles! It's my favorite one :) So... going to do some art journaling? Hope to see your terrific creations! <3

  2. Jen,

    Thank you! I think it will be great working down there with more space. I hope to do some art journaling, I just need some inspiration and motivation. Once I do a page or two it will probably be easy but hard to get started. lol I did the cover for my art journal when I bought one before and got stalled!

    Here is the cover I made, using watercolors, cardboard, hemp, a button, and a stamp.

    1. That cover looks awesome! You're off to a wonderful start!!!

  3. Pam, looking amazing! My room looks like a junk room right now! I have to get my act together!
    You rocked on your purchases!
    I see a "Mentalists" dvd in the last picture! LOL!
    That trunk is so cool! I wonder if I could do that?
    Have a great one ;o)

  4. Just took a look at your journal cover! Fantastic!!

  5. Stacy,

    Thank you! My photo light cube arrived today, so Iwill get it set up! My photos should be much better!
    I bought the trunk at Jysk... They had other designs.

    Thank you!