Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paper Bag Album...

I went on a trip to British Columbia this week, I'll share those pictures soon hopefully. But the night I came home I had this sudden urge to craft something. And I went downstairs into my craft area and suddenly I wanted to make an album. I worked on a bit Thursday and a bit Friday!

I took some work in progress shots along the way for anyone who would like to make one for themselves. It takes a bit of time, but is not that hard. And once you do one the rest are easier.

I am not sure what I am going to do with it just yet, but will share when I fill it up one day!

You can see more of my paper bag albums and mini albums here! Be warned, making albums is addictive lol


I use the normal lunch bags from your grocery store... Michael's also sells nicer bags in a variety of different colors.

I use 5 bags only, that is plenty, you could even use 3 or 4 if you wanted a smaller album for an occasion.

Cut off a bit of the bottom so that both ends are open, this way you can use the ends as pockets and fill with more pull out pages. Then fold the pages in half. And I also alternate which side the end goes on, just something I like to do, it's not necessary! 

I like to use a very simple pamphlet stitch (See the how to here), but do a search, there are so many fun stitches you can do. I leave the ribbon long so I can decorate the spine later if I choose.

Then choose 20 papers. I chose spring colors! Top row are patterned papers, bottom row are card stock! You could also use art paper to make it into an art journal.

2 for the cover and 18 for the inside pages. I like my 2 pages facing each other to match but it is not necessary! I then inserted them in with scotch double sided tape, you could also use tape runner, or glue.

They look really nice when they match!


Left: Belinda ( formerly bellsakabin)
Right: Lee (watercolorsorelse)

Left: Barbara (formerly postcardlady)
Right: Kathy (tapestry316)

Left: Jane (glorioushats)
Right: Christy (christydekoning)

Left: Carole (formerly readingsully2)
Right: Stacy (magiclovecrow)

Left: Marlene (lazyhawk)
Right: Betty (pinkglitterfae)


  1. Really nice Pam, thanks for the refresher tutorial, these would also make a great way to pass on some of the old family photos to my kids.

  2. Pam - your color and paper choices are so Spring-y! Nice job! I have a stash of lunch bags, thanks for the inspiration :D

  3. wow good job Pam! it looks easy! love the colors you chose

  4. Thanks girls,

    Now I just need to decide what goes in it lol Maybe some spring ACEO's!

  5. Thanks, Pam! These instructions are so clear and easy to understand! I have never made one of these before, but it looks like fun. May try one now!

  6. This came out really nice, Pam. I saw your Halloween one and some of the previous ones you made, and you got me making them already! I'm doing a challenge and creating 2
    ACEOs per month based on prompts and am going to display them in my album.

  7. Thanks Kathy & Debbie,

    I am working on another small album, just need to blog it!

    Good idea to put your challenges in an album Debbie!

  8. Pam! Fantastic! You make it look so easy! Really like how you explained everything! Thanks so much! One of these days, I am going to make one!! Hugs ;o)

  9. Nice work Pam! I love the colours.

  10. Thank you Chris... I will get the pages filled with ACEO's soon and will add the pictures onto this post!

  11. Looks even better filled! Nice collection :/)

  12. What fun! This looks so pretty!!!

  13. Thank you girls! It's only about 1/2 filled too!

  14. I love seeing the aceo's in it!!! Great stuff Pam!!!